[Scene: Living room. Ben is watching a favourite movie of his, eating popcorn while sitting next to Kenzo.]

Ben: This is the life eh, Kenzo. Just me and you eh, Kenzo. Just the lads. Mano to mano bonding. Spending the evening together like a couple of good mates. [Kenzo tries to grab some of Ben's popcorn. Ben moves the bowl from his reach.] Pop your own. [Kenzo gets his DVD] What d'you think you're doing now?

Kenzo: Putting my cartoon on.

Ben: I don't think so. [smiles] Tonight, [pointing to the screen] we're watching a film of my choice.

Kenzo: But you promised mum that we would watch my cartoons.

Ben: My promises mean nothing. Your mother knows that.

Kenzo: I want to watch my cartoon.

Ben: It's about time you developed a more mature sense in cinema. Tonight, I shall be watching a piece of serious, high octane, cinema. Not a silly cartoon about a silly talking rat.

Kenzo: My cartoon won an Oscar. Your films an over-produced remake, aimed at twelve year olds with short attention spans.

Ben: [Eats his popcorn without noticing Kenzo for a few seconds. Then turns to him.] What, what were you saying?

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