Series 10 -- Episode 2


Michael is becoming more and more out of control until he comes home drunk one night and blurts out his deepest secret, telling Ben that he's gay. Susan is annoyed that Michael didn't come out to her and for once a supportive Ben outshines Susan's caring nature, but the tables turn when Michael's boyfriend's father goes to the dentist for a check-up. Meanwhile, Janey takes care of an annoying elderly patient, which eventually leads to him dying and leaving Janey his flat, and Michael's boyfriend Scott moves into the Harper residence.

Given that he used to have lots of girl-friends,when Michael comes out as gay,Ben is perplexed but determined to be supportive. Susan is just annoyed that Michael told Ben first.Ben's pride in his son's sexuality leads to his proclaiming it to a new patient - who just happens to be the homophobic,bigoted father of Michael's boy-friend Scott. When he throws Scott out it's down to Susan to save the situation.