Canary Cage is the eleventh episode of Series Four.


After Susan gets a free holiday for four, she, Ben, Nick and Michael all go to Lanzarote in Spain. However, Ben's luggage gets lost, and then all his credit cards and money are stolen and he is forced to beg to Nick for money. Ben also upsets the people in the next house (Henrieta Baines, Christopher Ryan and Cressida Whyte) by accidentally taking indecent photos with his new digital camera. Meanwhile, Michael spends most of his time out..


The Harpers are in Spain. Susan has wangled a free holiday for four. Ben, true to form, is pessimistic about the prospects of being able to enjoy himself. Their luggage has already been lost by the airline but Ben's new toy is keeping him occupied - a digital camera.

Ben and Susan go shopping for clothes. While at the store they are approached by police officers warning them of pickpockets. Unfortunately the 'police officers' are themselves scammers who steal Ben's money and credit cards.

Back at the villa Susan tries to organise replacement cards. Ben plays with his camera outside, without caring where he points it. He accidentally snaps his neighbour bathing topless and then narrowly avoids being beaten up by her irate husband.

Without any money, Ben and Susan are reduced to grovelling when Nick pulls out his own stack of cash. However Ben refuses to meet Nick's demands to make monkey noises in return for a loan and thus goes hungry. A starving Ben is then caught trying to steal some leftover breakfast from next door. This time he cannot avoid a punch in the face.

Things aren't going well for Susan either. While buying insect bite cream she tries to use her pidgin Spanish. Unfortunately she ends up propositioning the chemist and is assaulted by his jealous wife.

The holiday brightens when Nick offers to take Ben and Susan to dinner - no strings attached. However at the end of a hearty meal Nick reveals a very big string: he has run out of money. The three of them have to make a run for it without paying.

The apartment is now overrun with outraged people. The restaurant staff have chased the Harpers home, while the neighbours want Ben thrown out for his anti-social behaviour. In the midst of the madness a delivery arrives - the replacement credit card. Ben wastes no time in booking a first class flight home.


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