Series Ten
100x100-10th series
Series 10 titles

Starting Date

9 July 2010

Ending Date

24 December 2010


Ben Harper
Susan Harper
Janey Harper
Michael Harper
Kenzo Harper
Roger Bailey jnr.
Craig Willoughby[1]
Scott Marsh[1]
Alexander Casey[1]


Series Nine


Series Eleven

Series 10 is the tenth series of My Family, airing from July 9th, 2010 until 27th August, 2010 on BBC One. This series introduced Scott Marsh (Nathan Brine) who first appeared in "The Son'll Come Out". On the Tenth Series DVD, two episodes, "Harper Vs Harper" and "Janey's Choice" was released exclusively for DVD, but will be attached to Series Eleven for airing only.


Episode Number Title Broadcast Date
102 / 10x01 Wheelie Ben 9 July 2010
103 / 10x02 The Son'll Come Out 16 July 2010
104 / 10x03 Desperately Stalking Susan 23 July 2010
105 / 10x04 The Melbourne Identity 30 July 2010
106 / 10x05 He's Not Just That Into Ben 6 August 2010
107 / 10x06 Slammertime 13 August 2010
108 / 10x07 Ben Behaving Badly 27 August 2010
109 / 10x08 Harper Vs Harper DVD exclusive
110 / 10x09 Janey's Choice DVD exclusive
111 (109) / 10x10 Mary Christmas 24 December 2010


[1] See Others for details.

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