Series Six
100x100-6th series
Series 6 titles

Starting Date

10 March 2006

Ending Date

25 December 2006


Ben Harper
Susan Harper
Michael Harper
Janey Harper
Abi Harper
Alfie Butts
Kenzo Harper
Roger Bailey jnr.
Grace Riggs
James Garret[1]


Series Five


Series Seven

Series 6 is the sixth series of my family. This series began on the 10 March 2006 and ended on the 28 April 2006, it was followed by a Christmas special on the 25 December 2006. It saw Roger finally ask Abi to marry him and she said yes, Grace began collecting Men and lost them all, James Garret appeared for the first time and Alfie began his first year at the Harper residence. Susan finds a Girlfriend for Michael who turns out to be almost an exact version of Susan, and Ben finally is free of Janey at the house.



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