Roger Bailey jnr.
100x100-Roger Bailey
Roger Bailey

Portrayed by

First Appearence

The Second Greatest Story Ever Told

Last Appearence

A Night Out


Roger Bailey snr.
Nerys Bailey


Abi Harper



Dr. Roger Bailey, Jr. (born 1981) is the husband of Abi Harper. Roger, a dentist, first appears in The Second Greatest Story Ever Told as the son of Ben's dental mentor, Roger Bailey snr. Roger's next appearance is in Fitting Punishment, when much to Ben's annoyance, he buys the surgery below Ben's. Soon after he falls in love with Abi Harper and she eventually falls in love with him and he proposes in The Art of Being Susan. They marry in Abi Ever After, with Ben as best man and Janey as bridesmaid.

By the start of Series Eight, Roger has become a part-time Special Police Constable. Roger, like Abi, possesses no common sense and is very gullible; he is sometimes shown to be child like and simple minded. In some episodes he is shown to be a fan of Lord Of The Rings.

He and Abi separated due to the fact that Abi had joined a convent, and she chose to stay with her order rather than return home with him. Roger still hasn't entirely got over Abi and often turns up at the Harper household upset about Abi, but following a suggestion from Michael to smash things he associates with Abi, he has gone out with a few people.

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