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The Harper Family (minus Nick)

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Tom Simpson

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14 March 2009

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Fan Site


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'My Family Online is a fanbased website about My Family. It features News, a Forum, Cast, Crew, Merchandise, Reviews, it's very own My Family spin-off (Reloaded), Polls, Site History, Contacts, Episode page and Series pages. The site is edited by a certain number of people, although viewers can send in extra information. This site along with this Wiki, the BBC programme website & the Official Website is a major My Family website.
This Site was set up on March 14th 2009, by Tom Simpson[1] (a major fan of the show), to contain every detail of My Family. As of December 31st 2011, the site is no longer updated and serves mearly as a reference guide of the series, although, the forum will remain open indefinately.
My Family Reloaded, the My Family spin-off, has been a major success and returned in 2011 for one season of four episodes.

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  1. The Creator of the Site, go to his profile to find out more

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