Kenzo Harper is the son of Janey Harper and Mark Jameson, the nephew of Nick and Michael Harper, the grandson of Ben and Susan Harper, and the great-grandson of Grace and Arthur Riggs.

Kenzo is shown to be very intelligent in later series, and can even outwit most members of the family. Kenzo is sometimes embarrassed by his mother and consequently denies that Janey is his mother and even once said that he didn´t like her. He also likes to play jokes on his family and tries to outsmart them anyway he can. He is scared of clowns


Series 4Edit

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Series 5Edit

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Series 6Edit

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Series 7Edit

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Series 8Edit

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Series 9Edit

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Series 10Edit

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Series 11Edit

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Relationships with other charactersEdit

Susan HarperEdit


Kenzo has a quite a big relationship with Susan. Kenzo seems to ask questions and loves her funny jokes. Even though Susan is Kenzo's grandmother, he seems to find her extremely energetic, fun, and loving, when Kenzo was a baby Susan managed to look after him extremely well...

Janey HarperEdit

Janey is Kenzo's mother. He sometimes pretends he is not Janey's son. Janey likes to make sure Kenzo has hobbies in his llife such as signing up for a television advertisement or learning how to play the piano.

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