Series 8 - Episode 8


For Christmas Ben gets Susan a present from the store where Alfie works as one of Santa's elves - a vacuum cleaner. Having been told this is unromantic he buys a necklace and is annoyed to find he could have got it for half price in the sale if he had waited a day. The family decide to get a picture of Ben and Susan on their wedding day put on mugs and other household items as a romantic souvenir,but,due to a mix-up at the factory,a rather saucier one of them on their honeymoon night is displayed instead.


Robert Lindsay -- Ben Harper

Zoë Wanamaker -- Susan Harper

Gabriel Thomson -- Michael Harper

Daniela Denby-Ashe - Janey Harper

Rhodri Meilir -- Alfie Butts

Keiron Self -- Roger Baily

Tayler Marshall -- Kenzo Harper

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