Harper Vs Harper is supposed to be the eighth episode of Series Ten, but has been attached to Series Eleven.

It's the 60th anniversary of Susan's godparents, she is keen to go, but after reminding Ben, he is quite the opposite and refuses.

While lying in bed each waiting for an appology, the bed clapses. They take a trip to the bed shop, but surprise, surprise, they disagree on matresses.

Arriving home after choosing a single bed each to both their tastes, Susan is annoyed with Ben's arguing and suggests seperate houses for a week. Susan stays put and Ben moves in with Roger, although Roger is unhappy about this because he has a romantic night planned with his new girlfriend. Ben causes disrpution as exspected.

Meanwhile Susan has friends over and claims to Janey that the only reason they had never been over before was becuse they didn't like Ben.

It's Ben's turn of the house, Susan goes to stay in both Janey and Michael's houses. Janey and Kenzo however aren't happy, as well as Michael and his boyfriend.

Susan arrives back home, Ben is lying on the sofa pretending be drunk from an all night party with his friends - which never happened.

Ben goes back to Roger's house. Janey and Michael go over to see Ben and ask him to get back together with Susan - claiming she is too much to handle in their homes.

Susan is at her godparents anniversary when Ben arrives - he's there purely for something to eat and drink, but soon get's talking to the happy couple.

Eventually, Ben and Susan get back together after finding out how boring the couple are and claiming they are nothing like that.

They admit they have missed each other in the few days apart.


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Ben . . . . . . Robert Lindsay

Susan . . . Zoe Wanamaker

Janey . . . . . . . . Daniella Denby Ashe

Michael . . . . Gabriel Thompson

Roger . . . . . Keiron Self


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