Series Name
Season Four, Episode One
Army Michael and Ben
Air date 21st March 2003
Written by James Hendrie and Ian Brown
Directed by Dewi Humphreys
Episode Guide
Ding Dong Merrily
They Shoot Harpers, Don't They?
Fitting Punishment is the first episode of the fourth series of My Family. It introduces Roger Bailey jnr. as a regular character


The Harper's are preparing for the birth of Janey's baby, Susan is busy doing up the house and trying to come to terms with becoming a grandmother. Ben is horrified when Roger Bailey Jnr buys the surgery above his, and is even more horrified when Susan invites him to dinner. Meanwhile, Nick becomes a film extra, filling the house with other film extra's. Ben returns home from work slightly the worse for wear and immediately seeks out more of the demon drink. His practice colleague Mr Beamish has died at the fair old age of 82 years. Michael is taking his cadet force training very seriously and now refuses to be called "Mikey" as it is not in line with his new attitude. He asks Susan if he can borrow the washing line so that he can tie people up. Nick meanwhile is still hanging round the house despite having his own flat. He has secured himself a new job as a film extra and wants to practice by lurking in the background.

At work, Ben gets a shock when the extremely irritating Roger Bailey announces his intention to move into Mr Beamish's surgery upstairs. Thinking on his feet, Ben tells him it has already been occupied by a team of young fit dentists who have no intention of leaving any time soon. He is also distressed when a new patient 'compliments' him by saying he could easily pass for a 70 year old.

Not content with his washing line. Michael has installed new security measures at home with a fiendish set of bolts on the front door. Ben's own efforts at home improvements result in a power cut, during which Michael reveals a not-so-macho fear of the dark.

Back at work, Ben receives another visit from Roger Bailey who gleefully informs him that they will be neighbours after all - Roger is moving into the newly vacated surgery downstairs.