Facebook is a major social networking site, and could be considered the most well known social networking website. It is used by millions as personal pages, company pages, organization pages and many other pages as a means of communication with friends. Many a time has Facebook been criticized for being to open and easily accessable to dangerous criminals (especially as you can use another e-mail address and/or another name). It also was the item of a court case, claiming that the creator stole the idea from them, which was proven true and the owner had to hand accross a considerable amount of money. We on this Wiki and our sister Wiki the Citizen Smith (TV Show) Wiki have our own facebook pages (which can be found by searching for "My Family Wiki" and "Citizen Smith (TV Show) Wiki" on facebook) which are vital for both of our Wiki's.

Our Page'sEdit

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In Show UseEdit

Facebook has only been referenced in My Family once and that was during Series Eleven in 2011 in the episode 'Booked by Janey, Michael, Roger and Susan. Susan at first states that Facebook is for people who either have no friends or desire to have more friends than others, but later thought that it perhaps wasn't so bad after all. Of course Janey, Michael and Roger all have Facebook acounts of thier own.

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