Droit De Seigneur Ben
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3 1x03 One
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At the surgery, Ben is attending to another one of his patients, who turns out to be Lord Whitten, and who Bridget also seems to be a big fan of. They begin talking about various subjects when his son pops into the conversation, who he’d like to meet up with a girl, at first he asks Bridget but then she suggests Janey, who, when she finds out, is furious that Ben has set her up on a ‘blind date’ until she finds out there’s a picture of him and his family in Hello! Magazine and that he’s absolutely gorgeous.

Nick finds out he is going to be an painter, and during the episode he draws both the coat stand and Ben while he is accounting.

References Edit

  • When Nick shows Ben the painting he has drawn of him, he comments that he lookes like Homer Simpson from the populair TV comic: The Simpsons.
  • Susan makes a comment about Janey's tattoo, which she got in Pain in the class (episode), while they talk about Janey's fail date with Whitten's son.