Ben takes Susan out for a romantic dinner - which turns out to be the local pub!

He is spotted by a man called Martin, who knew Ben's Dad, Tony Harper - a very good darts player according to Martin. He says it would be a honer to play with Ben (as Martin assumes he has inherited some of Tony's dart skills).

Ben joins Martin's team, "The Menaces", but unfortunately Ben hasn't inherited any dart skills from his Dad so the team try to find a way of telling him he's out the team. They eventually tell him straight.

Meanwhile Susan is taking a relaxation course from a Frenchman named Andre. But is all as it seems? . . .

Ben is disappointed about getting thrown out of the darts team - Roger arrives and invites Ben to join his team, called "Roger's Jollies". Ben decides to join.

The Menaces and Roger's Jollies have a competition. Is Ben's luck about to change? Or will he need to hand over the dosh he bet?

And is Susan about to discover something, with help from Ben, about Andre the "Frenchman"?

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