Below are listed the Celebrities who have portrayed a character, or have appeared as themselves in My Family. All of these celebrities have been arranged using their last names. This Page will always be available to Edit by all, as long as it is true and within reason for this wiki.

Abbot, RussEdit

Amos, EmmaEdit

Barber, FrancesEdit

Barrowman, JohnEdit

Bartarda, BeatrizEdit

Benson, PerryEdit

Bretton, SallyEdit

Brown, PaulEdit

Capaldi, PeterEdit

Chancellor, AnnaEdit

Chase, LorraineEdit

Clyde, JeremyEdit

Crilly, AnnaEdit

Doré, EdnaEdit

Foreman, JamieEdit

Francis, JanEdit

Haig, DavidEdit

Harmer, DaniEdit

Harriot, AinsleyEdit

Harris, RolfEdit

Head, AnthonyEdit

Horan, GerardEdit

Jones, BenEdit

Kalidas, PreeyaEdit

Kelly, SamEdit

Keogh, BarbaraEdit

Lang, BelindaEdit

Le Touzel, SyvestraEdit

McDonald, MacEdit

Peacock, TrevorEdit

Pepperdine, VickyEdit

Punch, LucyEdit

Quirke, PaulineEdit

Robinson, MorganaEdit

Robinson, AnneEdit

Ryan, ChristopherEdit

Simkins, MichaelEdit

Sykes, EricEdit

Webb, RobertEdit

Weston, DianaEdit

Whiteley, RichardEdit

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