A Decent Proposal
Episode No.   Series
118 11x08 Eleven
Original Air Date
12th August 2011 FlagIcon UK small
Written By
David Cantor
Directed By
Ed Bye
Chronological Information
Preceded By
Followed By

A Decent Proposal was scheduled as the 8th episode of Series Eleven. Although due to "'Booked" having been postponed, and not having been broadcast on TV, it could now be classed as the 7th episode.


  • David Schneider as Solicitor
  • Elliott Jordan as Sean
  • Yvonne D'Alpra as Deirdre
  • Others as Susan's Relatives/Grace's Friends/Arthur's Friends


  • Writer: David Cantor
  • Director: Ed Bye
  • Producer: John Bartlett


While the Harper family are attending Grace's funeral, Susan has a visitor from beyond the grave with an offer to she can hardly refuse. Could the visitor be Susan's father and what is to offer?


To be Added


It is revealed that Arthur abandoned Susan's family before she met Ben, but in the season one episode "Death Takes A Policy" Ben mentions that Arthur performed at their wedding, thus a continuity error.


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