My Family in 2039

The cast of My Family in 2039.

Series 9 -- Episode 10


It is Christmas 2039 and the Harper family are gathering together to share their Christmas memories. Ben is in his eighties and is still as grumpy, Susan hasn't aged a bit thanks to a little moisturiser, Janey has gained more weight and weigh's 20 stone, Michael is bald but his baldness is hidden by a wig he wears, Roger has only got his head left in a glass dome since he got his head chopped off by a lion, and Kenzo, who's now an adult, comes to visit the family. Ben points out that the family have had some of the worst Christmas disasters. One disaster was were when the Harpers played the Greed Gift Exchange Game and had a food fight and the second disaster was when Ben's brother, Richard, came to stay over for Christmas.



  • Director - Ed Bye
  • Producer - John Bartlett
  • Writer - Tom Anderson & David Cantor