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• 8/7/2013


I first planned this series after Series Eleven finished airing and it was announced the show was axed. It just seemed to me that they had left the whole thing hanging, and not wrapped things up and given the show a proper send off. So I came up with the idea of continuing the series and ending it properly. The titles and basic plot lines have been fleshed out in my head, but it has been nearly two years since I began thinking about it. I had intended to begin releasing the transcripts in August last year, but the site had stopped being visited and all users seemed to go offline. Other things also got in the way, so the series hasn't happened. Since I hope to pass Administration onto someone else, I have placed the series on hold until such a time as a new administrator is found. It'll be up to them if they think the series should go ahead or simply cancelled.

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• 8/7/2013

If anybody has any thoughts about what they think should be shown/seen in the transcript series, then please post here. Cheers

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