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• 7/28/2013

Future of the Wiki

We need to discuss this urgently, and decide what's in the best interest of this Wiki and how we intende to continue it into the future. Even now, although the series has been off air for nearly two years the wiki isn't complete. Realistically, the wiki needs to be complete. I worked tirelessly to get the wiki up to the current standard of design, and many others helped to add new pages and information. Perhaps the best option would be to give up, or maybe someone has the passion and drive to finish the wiki off. I have not been dedicated to updating this site for a long time, and I feel that the time is right to hand the baton of administrator to someone new. So if you want to take over please let me know.

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• 8/4/2013

Have helped by alsorts, I have seen all series accept 10 & 11 which seems good i have done some of Susan about Michael and Grace :)

• 8/7/2013

Thanks for that, really very helpful.

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